Struggling to grow your Instagram Page?

What if I told you I had the tools to help you?

  • Learn how to create content that people want to engage with

  • Learn how to grow your Instagram page step by step

  • Get followers who stick around for the long-term

  • Find out why I advise against loops and pods


  • Can I join the course any time?

    Yes you can! The course is always open and always free to everyone who wants to grow their Instagram page organically.

  • Can I take the course if I am not a blogger?

    Absolutely! The course shares tips on how to post content and grow your engagement on this platform. You don't need a blog to do that.

  • Can I be sure to gain a certain number of followers in a short period of time?

    That is one thing I cannot guarantee. Simply because, this will depend on the quality of your content and the level of your engagement. But the ones who DO engage will stay with you in the long run. That is what I teach in the course.

  • Will you make this course paid in the future?

    No. It will be free forever :)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Welcome to 'Grow your Instagram'

    • A Quick Note Before you Dive In
    • Welcome to the Free course: Grow your Instagram Page
  • 2

    Step 1: Let's Talk about your Profile

    • Crafting the Instagram Bio that will turn heads
    • Worksheet: Craft your Instagram Bio
  • 3

    Step 2: Let's talk about Content

    • What to Post About
    • Canva Bio and Calendar Worksheet
    • The Power of Instagram Stories and their role in the algorithm
    • Using Stories with Intention
  • 4

    Step 3: Ready to learn how to write good copy?

    • Copywriting is an art and yes, you can do it too!
  • 5

    Step 4: Hashtag Database and Tutorials

    • Instagram Hashtag Tips and Database
    • How to use the Tailwind Hashtag Finder- Part 1
    • Tailwind Hashtag finder part 2: Three interesting features you'd love!
  • 6

    STEP 5: How to Build Engagement

  • 7


    • Why I don't Recommend Follower loops, pods or bots
    • 8 Organic Tips to Grow your Instagram Followers
  • 8

    How to Use Instagram Insights

  • 9

    Final Notes

    • Tracking Your Progress & Further Reading

Bonus material

  • 22 Pages of The Best Hashtags

    Wondering what are the BEST hashtags to use to get eyes on your content? Find it inside; all 22 pages of it!

  • Video Tutorials

    Watch two step-by-step tutorial videos on how to find the best hashtags for your niche using this fantastic tool!

  • Worksheets

    Craft that perfect Instagram bio + a completely editable 30-day calendar for your Instagram. These worksheets can be used by everyone!

What Students Say

Over 400 people have taken this course and loved it!

Shantala Nayak, The Love of Spice

Highly Recommend this course

Shantala Nayak, The Love of Spice

Shailaja's FREE Instagram Course is packed with easy-to-follow instructions and actionable tips to grow your Instagram account in a strategic & sustainable manner. It's especially perfect for newbies, who can follow this guide to get started with Instagram on the right foot. But because of how the course is laid out & the areas it covers, I'm sure even veterans will be able to pick a tip or two to boost their Instagram! Highly recommend!
Vidya Sury,

Valuable Resources

Vidya Sury,

The course was well-structured and easy to assimilate with actionable tips that could be implemented right away. For a basic course (and free) it packed excellent advice and valuable resources. I especially liked the massive hashtag list download and the insights sections. Thank you, Shailaja.
Shamik, The Mixed Flavours Blog

Simply superb!

Shamik, The Mixed Flavours Blog

To be honest I was a bit unsure as to if I should take this course or not. You know the typical mindset of since it's free would it be of any value add to me or not. But I'm glad that I chose to take this up. It was beneficial to me. Now I can better plan my Instagram posts compared to what I used to do earlier in a very unplanned way. Thanks Shailaja for sharing those valuable tips and helping me and many others who are looking for some guidance.
Ankita, LifestyleProBlog

Engagement Tips are Brilliant!

Ankita, LifestyleProBlog

I have been a blogger for 15 years and on Instagram since the very beginning. Sometimes when you've been around that long, you think you have seen it all. But this course proved me wrong. It is not the first Instagram course I took and yet, I found tremendous value in it. The Engagement Tips are brilliant. I especially liked Address a Friend! What's that? Take the course to know :)

Your Instructor

Shailaja Vishwanath

Instructor & Course Designer

Shailaja Vishwanath

Shailaja Vishwanath is an entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant and blogger with over 12 years of writing experience. Her expertise lies in simplifying complex blogging and social media strategies into easy bytes for beginners. Organic, sustainable and engaged growth is her forte and she will help you achieve your goals.

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Best Instagram Course Ever

Dr Shivangi Aggarwal

You can't find an Instagram Course that's packed with so much information, yet it isn't overwhelming to put it into action.

You can't find an Instagram Course that's packed with so much information, yet it isn't overwhelming to put it into action.

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Organic Followers and Engagement Reach

Sanaa Mohamed

Thank you so much for this wonderful course and of course its a freebie! which makes it doubly wonderful. There are so many excellent pieces of info embedded...

Read More

Thank you so much for this wonderful course and of course its a freebie! which makes it doubly wonderful. There are so many excellent pieces of info embedded on in there that it is worth all the time I took. I took it slow as I kept re-visiting each sub heading in real time along with my Insta handle. I have found 2 directions for my blog which i hope my current audience shall like more. I also will apply those directions and focus points on my website Thank you for all your hard work, time and effort.

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Amazing course❤️

sumaiya shah

Course content explained very well Thank you so much 🙂❤️

Course content explained very well Thank you so much 🙂❤️

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